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Fire hydrant covers prevent bodily injury and reduce liability on playgrounds.

Hydrant Hat - At Buckeye Local School District in Ashtabula Ohio, personal injury liability is a significant concern for school administrators. Protecting children, as well as staff and citizens is a high priority. To help keep children safe a civic-minded auto dealer donated Hydrant Hat fire hydrant covers for placement at four of the district's schools.

Typically, fire hydrants are close to playgrounds and other areas with significant student activity such as athletic fields, sidewalks, bikeways and bus staging areas, so they pose a significant potential for injury. The hydrant covers are bright yellow for ease of visibility and advoidance.

The covers are composed of polyethylene plastic, which absorbs impact and decreases the risk if a person inadvertently makes contact with a hydrant. It is a two-part unit with a base of securing tabs to hold it firmly in place.

The hydrant covers also provide protection after school, on weekends adn during summer recess when the facilities are being used without school supervision. They are attractive and can be embossed with school logos or donor acknowledgements

The Hydrant Hat also reduces the fire hydrant maintenance and saves time making hose connections, especially in the winter conditions typically seen in northeast Ohio.

The minimal initial investment provides long-term savings, safety protection and peace of mind in all school environments.