The Hydrant Hat is designed to reduce cost and protect the fire hydrant from inclement weather and harsh environments.

Hydrant hat protects from snow, ice, rain,sun and weed growth around the hydrant.

Hydrant Hat in place ready to be removed
Flexible fingers allow the Hydrant Hat to slide over the hydrant. It is removed with an upward lift, or in cases when ice or deep snow has accumulated, a rocking motion. This results in a clean and accessible fire hydrant.

Easy removal allows quick access
The Hydrant Hat comes with a 1/8"x4"x22" recessed panel on each of the four sides. these panels can be used to mark addresses, G.P.M. flow or individual hydrants or identification with reflective tape of choice.

Simple one person removal
Hydrant Hat is 42" in height and the base is 26" square, weight is approx 28 lbs. The construction is of Polyurethane Thermo-Plastic with ultra ciolet inhibitors molded into the construction of the body, to provide years of maintenance free service. The base is constructed from flexible E.V.A. material.

Hydrant Hat has a unique base with a double row of flexible fingers that secure it firmly to the base of the hydrant

Double row of fingers hold the Hydrant Hat in Place