Product Brochure

Constructed of low density polyethylene with ultra violet inhibitors Years of maintenance free service year long
Height of 42" Increased visibility to aid in locating during winter months
Patented "flexible finger" base

Secures unit to hydrant, yet allows instant access for easy removal when hydrant is needed

Ergonomic design for all weather protection

Designed with large access handholds.

Protects hydrants from rain, ice, snow and sun.

Eliminates rust, corrosion and vandalism, also controls weed growth for year round protection

Meets OSHA & ANSI standards

Complies with OSHA sections 1910.156 through 1910.160 plus others.

Eliminates need for scheduled maintenance.

Choice of Colors Can be molded in NFSB code for GPM of each hydrant
Quick access in heavy snow conditions

Designed with 26" base tapering to a 20" top.

Simply rocking unit and lifting straight up gives clean working area to hydrant.

Construction allows for attachment of reflective location flags to upper section of unit.

Initial cost per unit

The end user can sell advertising on the "Hydrant Hat" on an annual basis.